Large Tree Installation and Transplanting

Are you looking to have a wonderful home landscape filled with lush and healthy large trees, but don’t want to wait years to make your dream a reality? CT Landscape Design is your solution to install any and all large trees of your choosing! Our highly skilled and equipped team has been fulfilling the visions of lots of Connecticut residents for many years and can guide you to make the right decisions. Here are a few questions to consider when deciding which trees will be the right fit for your property.

Choosing which tree to plant should be a well thought out process because of the significant investment of time and money it can call for. Selecting the proper tree to install can provide years of appreciation as well as increased property value, and create many environmental and economic benefits. Although, an unsuitable tree for your landscape may cause a recurring challenge to maintain, or even become a potential hazard. Be sure to consider the local regulations in your area to ensure you’re not breaking or violating and codes.

Trees can create several functional and environmental benefits and it is crucial finding out exactly what purpose you’d like the tree to serve. Will it be to increase the overall aesthetic look of your property? Or maybe you would like them to provide an obstruction of sights and sounds or even the sun? It is extremely important to choose the right species of tree that will fit your local climate. The last thing you want to do is transplant a large tree only to have it slowly dwindle due to temperature and/or weather conditions. Each type of tree is meant to be in a particular climate, though some may survive in many, it is important to research your area.

Does the tree of choice have ornamental value? The colors, texture, and/or flowers and fruits will play a large role in the decision process. Some species can provide lovely color displays for short periods in the spring or fall. Other species may have foliage that can add color year-round. Different foliage types and shapes can add visual appeal with a wide variety of textured leaves.

Trees that have fruits or nuts provide great sources of food for many species of wildlife, as well as humans. However, some people consider certain fruit and nut-bearing trees to be a problem around hard surfaces, such as sidewalks, patios and streets by creating a “dirty” look that requires more maintenance. These same trees can also create safety and health issues. Specific trees can attract insects and diseases, so it is imperative to find the right one.

Selecting the right tree species and locating where to put them on your property can be quite the process and CT Landscape Design is here to help. We have recently done several jobs in both F airfield County and New Haven County and have no problem traveling to ensure you have the highest quality work done! So don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your large tree installation and transplanting needs today!

large tree planting