Landscape Designing in the Fall

Thinking about a new landscape design project? Here in Connecticut fall can be one of the most rewarding seasons to create a new landscape design due to the beautiful foliage that can play off your new design. There are many techniques that can be used to create a beautiful landscape design even if you do not have a large yard. We can easily add small trees and large shrubs that can block views and provide depth to make your yard look even larger. Planting new evergreens around the outskirts of your yard can also help to provide privacy and give year around life that plays off the range of fall colors. We can help you choose the appropriate evergreens that will grow to your preferred height without taking up too much yard space. Providing a mix of evergreens can also be a nice way to add color. Combining evergreens like blue spruce and a green pine can create great lasting color and are a great fit to nearly any new landscape design.

However, having a great yard landscape and garden comes down to more than just the plant life you decide upon. Having stone structures like a retaining wall or adding a new wood fence can also be a great edition. Our landscape design experts here at CT Landscape Design can help you pick the right stones and wood to compliment the surrounding landscape. There are a variety of unique designs that can be developed for your yard. Take a look at our galleries to see some of our landscape design jobs throughout Fairfield County to help you get some new ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact us this fall to help you get your new project started as soon as possible!